At the forefront of organizational leadership!

At the forefront of organizational leadership!

At the forefront of organizational leadership!At the forefront of organizational leadership!At the forefront of organizational leadership!

The Leadership Blend Television Show

Q & A: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the premise of the show?

The Leadership Blend Television show is geared towards leaders in the nonprofit sector. These leaders, are typically Ministers, Pastors, Clergy, Nonprofit volunteers, and other forms of leadership. The objective is to help educate these leaders and empower them with information from the for profit sector. Each week, I interview shining examples of trailblazers in such fields such as: Business, Law, Education, Ministry, and Politics just to name a few.  


The show demographic is ages 35 - 44 (primary group) and ages 45 - 54 (secondary group). These age groups, are filled with continual learners and transitions looking to perfect their crafts or learn new skills. Show guest are given the opportunity to share their journeys and skills with the audience. 

How & When can I watch

The show airs every Sunday at 9am on The Leadership Blend Television Show's youtube channel. The episodes also air on the BlackGDPTV channel which is on ROKU & Amazon Fire TV.  

The Last weeks Episode

In this episode, I sit down with WCEG Network owner Pennye Rogers! In the interview, she discusses her journey as a African American Female entrepreneur in the world of broadcasting. WCEG is a community radio station and television network 

Season Two Guest

Linda Chatmon

Linda Chatmon

Linda Chatmon


Linda Chatmon is a Business Coach Powerhouse.  Specializing in Growth Management, she is the sole principal of Contracts and Grants, LLC , The App Diva,LLC 

and several other brands, all committed to growing businesses through federal and defense contracts, e-learning, and technology. 

She has been responsible for more than 12.2 Billion in contract negotiations and awards.

A Subject Matter Expert in Federal and Defense Contracts and Acquisitions, she has 22 years of experience as an entrepreneur in Federal Acquisitions. Active in economic development she was appointed to the Doraville TAD (Tax Allocation District) Advisory Board, that oversees a multi-Billion Dollar Mixed Use Project (The Assembly) the largest in the state of Georgia.   

It is simple.  Linda Chatmon can grow your business from scratch, or take it to the next level.

Leon Staples

Linda Chatmon

Linda Chatmon


Leon Staples is one of Atlanta’s leading voices in Human Resources with over 15 years of industry

experience in spanning across State Government, Hospitality, Education and currently the Healthcare.

Leon’s Human Resources background is grounded in several different focuses including Talent

Acquisition, Employee Relations, Employee Engagement and Employee Health & Wellness. Currently

Leon serves as Sr. Human Resources Specialist for Grady Health System Human Resources and leads the

recruiting, onboarding and talent development for Grady EMS, one of the largest providers of pre-

hospital care in the southeast.

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Leon Staples holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from

Trine University and a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing from Shorter University. Leon

currently serves as President of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of African Americans in

Human Resources, the largest chapter in the country. Leon looks to build a community for Human

Resources professionals throughout Atlanta and his passion is to help people find the right opportunities

to develop themselves as well.

Amy Reese

Linda Chatmon

Attorney Gerald Griggs


Amy Reese is an award-winning Business Growth Strategist and the CEO of ARC Business Solutions, a Certified Woman-Owned and operated consulting firm that helps small businesses grow by securing contracts with the Federal Government and Major Corporations.  ARC helps businesses obtain relevant Certifications that will enable them to win contracts set-aside specifically for them.  ARC also provides the foundational resources and instruction needed as clients begin to embark on starting and growing a business.

After spending over 20 years as a Corporate Executive working with leaders of Major Corporations and Government agencies, Amy now leverages her experience in strategic sales, collaboration and relationship development to benefit small and mid-sized businesses who are seeking opportunities to grow.  The strategic techniques Amy uses have been instrumental in her success as demonstrated by the attainment of revenue growth for her clients in the millions.  

Amy’s mission is to empower the under-served business owner and to inspire a consistent dialogue within the Black community regarding ways we can encourage and affirm one another.   

Attorney Gerald Griggs

Attorney Gerald Griggs

Attorney Gerald Griggs


 Attorney Griggs is a 1996 graduate of Woodward Academy. He furthered his studies at Oxford College of Emory University and Emory University, where he received his BA in 2000. After his time at Emory, Attorney Griggs received JD in 2004 from the University of Cincinnati College Of Law, the fourth oldest law school in the country. Attorney Griggs began practicing law in the State of Georgia after passing the Bar Examination in the fall of 2004. Attorney Griggs has handled over a thousand cases over his legal career. Attorney Griggs is a well-respected litigator known for handling high profile cases. Attorney Griggs represented numerous clients involved in the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial, Georgia’s Longest Trial. Further, Attorney Griggs has handled countless high profile cases featured on Media Outlets such as WSBTV, ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, FOX NEWS, CBS, TV-ONE, and WGCL.

His most notable case, Jaheem Herrera, helped launch the National Anti-Bullying Movement and changed the Anti-Bullying Law in Georgia. Jaheem Herrera Case was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show in the spring of 2009. Since then, Attorney Griggs has traveled all across the country promoting the Anti-bullying movement. He was recently a featured speaker at Second Annual National Federal Partners in Bullying Summit in Washington D.C. Attorney Griggs currently tours the Metro Atlanta School Systems with the Hot 107.9 Bullying is Not Hot Tour spreading the Anti-Bullying Message.

Attorney Griggs is committed to community service throughout Georgia. He is the Second Vice President of Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP and the Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee for the Georgia NAACP. Attorney is also the President Elect of the DeKalb Lawyer Association. Further, Attorney Griggs has worked in partnership with the SCLC, 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Emerging 100, ACLU, The Urban League Young Professionals and numerous community groups that are committed to improving the community. Attorney Griggs was honored for his Community Activism by Congressman John Lewis during the 2016 Congressional Black Caucus Conference in Washington D.C.

Dr. Katrina Mallory

Attorney Gerald Griggs

Dr. Katrina Mallory


 Dr. Katrina Mallory is a native of Alachua, Florida. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, her Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology from Georgia State University, and her Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. 

Dr. Katrina Mallory is no stranger to the academic world. She has more than 28 years of teaching and administrative experience in public and higher education institutions. 

She has been employed in the state of Georgia since 1992 as a Vice President of Academic Affairs, an Academic Dean, College Professor, Elementary Principal, Assistant Principal, Educator and Education Consultant. 

She is the Founder of Vision Architects Executive Consulting Firm and the Stone Preparatory Academy Charter School. She is fulfilling her passion to help scholars achieve success in life and actively promote innovative teaching and K-12 preparedness for Entrepreneurship and the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) fields. 

Dr. Mallory was featured in VoyageATL’s 2019 “Voyage Gems Inspiring Stories” article, edAtlanta’s 2019 “Black Girl Magic” article, a 2018 “Who’s Who In Black Atlanta” Honoree, Rolling Out Magazine’s 2016 “Female Success Factor”, selected as the 2015 “Volunteer of the Year” at the House of Hope Atlanta, an inductee of the 2014 Cambridge “Who’s Who Registry of Distinguished Female Executives & Professionals”, a 2013 “Elite Women Today” Honoree, a 2012 “Who’s Who In Black Atlanta” Honoree, and a recipient of the 2009 “Top 25 Most Influential Women in Atlanta” Award. While serving as an Elementary Principal for seven years, both of her schools were recognized by the Georgia Department of Education and received the Georgia Title I Distinguished School Award and Adequate Yearly Progress School Award from 2000 to 2006, under her leadership. 

She is a proud wife and mother of three beautiful children who have been the strength and pillars of support through my journey in life. She attributes her achievements to her parents and family who have nurtured and encouraged her aspirations and dreams. 

Pennye Rogers

Attorney Gerald Griggs

Dr. Katrina Mallory


Show Air date: March 1, 2020

PENNYE AIKEN ROGERS, is founder and CEO of  W.C.E.G. Network, Inc – the Worldwide Community Empowerment Group, a 501 © (3) non- profit Community Radio/TV Station,
oversees daily operations and show producer, serves as host of “The GOSPEL DIVA” with Inspiration For Your Soul Around the Globe” all day on Sundays, and host of “Upwardly Mogul” a Wealth and Legacy Building Radio and Television Show where guests and topics explore the “inner mogul” for success.  The Gospel Diva serves as Red Carpet Host for several Independent Movie /Film/Theatre Premieres, Atlanta Actors Awards, R.I.C.E. Awards and Mistress of Ceremonies for numerous events, businesses and organizations.  She has casted in various television series and movies with IMDb Credits and has exciting new casting roles launching mid 2020.  

Pennye is a Small Business Person of the Year 2018 Nominee.  She was honored and presented
“A Resolution” from the State of Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp and the House of Representatives for 40 Years of Public and Community Service on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.             

Possessing a wide range of interests and talents, she also serves as a Mega Church Executive Administrator to the pastor, real estate investor, residential and commercial contractor and project management, and interior architect design.  She holds a degree from Massey Business College, Atlanta, GA in computer programming, a Certificate of Theology from the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) and pursuing continuous education online in Christian Education and Business Administration.

Pennye obtained a Certificate in Television and Video Productions from Comcast Community TV and Zeel TV Stations in 2015.  She is currently producing, directing and filming on the “WCEG Network” Television shows in the local, national, international television/cable markets and on your SmartTv - WCEG Network TV Channel and .      

Pennye has served as Community Organizer for the entire South Fulton County Community (from Cascade to Tri-Cities to Palmetto, GA) during President Barack Obama’s 2012  Presidential Re-Election Campaign, served as South Fulton Chair of OFA Fall Fellow 2011 (an Extensive Training Program designed and implemented  by President Barack Obama) and was invited to the White House December 2011.  She has been a member of the NAACP Atlanta Branch since 1997 and served on the Executive Board as Assistant Treasurer 2012-2014.

Dr. Latonya Powers

Dr. Latonya Powers

Dr. Latonya Powers


Show Air date: March 12, 2020

Dr. La Tonya Powers is a mother, pastor, author, entrepreneur and community leader. Dr. Power was destined for what she loves to do, and thats helping people whether in or outside the walls of the church.  Her life has not only been filled with many challenges but also with tragedies and great heartbreak.  She carried a secret of depression for many years, and through all of it her life’s purpose was revealed, and she has triumphed ever since. 

Born in Mobile, Alabama, Dr. Powers from a child has always known there was something very different about her.   Her parents often told her the story of when she was a toddler, how she’d get fussy and nothing would soothe her except the voice of her mother reading the bible.   Her mother states that she would instantly calm down and listen as if she understood every word.   Dr. Powers was aware early in life that she had a gift and that her purpose was to help others.  

Growing up was challenging, as her innocence was taken from her at an early age. After suffering through molestation and thoughts of suicide, her self-esteem was very low.  She went through life making choices as a result of the pain she had endured. That pain caused her to choose the wrong relationships, make the wrong decisions, experience missed opportunities and most of all harbor a secret depression that later turned into panic attacks. Like many, Dr. Powers went through a season of not knowing what to do. Through prayer and her belief in God, she was able to use her God-given gift to help lead her out of her greatest fight.  

At the age of 23, she decided to get married to escape.  In this marriage, Dr. Powers had her first son and the marriage was everything, but loving.  Her husband was verbally and physically abusive, which caused her to suffer a breakdown and was admitted into the hospital.  As she lay listening to the psychiatrist ask her questions, the only thing she could focus on was the sound coming from the television. The preacher was encouraging the people to hold on by telling them that “God won’t leave you like this.” From that moment on, she fought to believe that she would come through it and be just fine.  After getting out of the hospital, Dr. Powers realized that her journey would be long, but it didn’t have to be hard. 

She started a new life in low-income housing and received government assistance while trying to rebuild her life.  Emotionally drained, she had to learn to love her newborn son even though she didn’t love herself.  While fighting the feeling of failure and depression, she knew she had to continue to fight.  Being gifted, confused and hurt would cause a great fight to born within her. One thing was clear; she couldn’t give up even if she didn’t know the answer to the next step. While most people who have been in the same situation have found a place to hide in pain, she embraced her gift.  It was the one place where she felt she was purposed and it didn’t allow room for her past troubles to be stronger than the person she would become.   

After rebuilding her life, she embraced her purpose and is now on a journey to help others take their lives back.  

As she began to rebuild her life and move forward she embraced her purpose.  Dr. Powers has authored several books entitled; Spiritual Detox: Rehab for the Soul, 91 Days Back To God and 12 Minutes To Change Devotional.  Also, she was featured as a guest on the reality show “Being,” where she strategized a plan to help turn a broken family in the right direction. Since her debut on BET, she has become a life strategist to not only just to celebrities but others around the country.  

Dr. Shelton Goode

Dr. Latonya Powers

Dr. Latonya Powers


Show Air date: February 2, 2020

 Dr. Shelton Goode is the president and chief executive officer of Icarus Consulting, a veteran-owned consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations create inclusive cultures that leverage diversity and inclusion for a competitive advantage. 

Dr. Goode is the author of Diversity Managers: Angels of Mercy or Barbarians at the Gate. He leveraged his extensive teaching experience to publish his first book, So You Think You Can Teach: A Guide for the New College Professor in Teaching Adult Learners. He is also the founder and CEO of My ABD Network, an organization that helps students succeed in doctoral education programs. 

Dr. Goode, a highly decorated Air Force veteran, has not only served the country in time of war but also consistently served his community in a time of need. In July 2011, the Supreme Court of Georgia appointed him to the State Bar Ethics Investigative Panel. He was one of only three non-lawyers serving on this prestigious panel. He chaired the Conference Board Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council and has served on the board of numerous professional organizations such as the Atlanta Compliance and Ethics Roundtable, American Association National of Blacks in Energy, Society for Human Resource Management, and the Atlanta and Diversity Management Advocacy Group. 

In 2019, Forbes selected him as one of the Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Trailblazers. The National Association of African Americans in Human Resources awarded him their HR Trailblazer Award in 2005 and 2012 -- the only person selected for the award twice. In April 2013, the Technology Association of Georgia presented him with the organization's first Lifetime Diversity Achievement Award for his body of work in diversity and human resources. 

Lloyd Knight

Dr. Latonya Powers

Deonte Bolden


Show Air date: February 9, 2020

 LLOYD KNIGHT is a retired Air Force Veteran and Senior Director at UPS.  He began his career with UPS in 2007 and in addition to his current assignment has served multiple capacities including Director of Global Freight Forwarding, Director of Global Government Operations and Government Operations Manager. Lloyd is active in veteran engagement at UPS serving in a multitude of roles during his career including starting the first Veterans Business Resource Group, filling a six month corporate HR special assignment to establish the UPS Veterans Management Training Program and most recently serving as the Chairman of the UPS Veterans Council. 

Lloyd is the co-founder and President of VETLANTA, an industry collaboration of veteran friendly/affiliated organizations striving to make Atlanta the premier community for veterans and their families to work and live. He is an active volunteer supporting multiple non-profits including American Corporate Partners, FourBlock, Veterans Empowerment Organization and Hire Heroes USA. Lloyd is the recipient of the 2017 UPS Jim Casey Community Service Award. This award is given annually to just one of 454,000 global UPS employees for demonstrating an exceptional commitment to helping others in their community. He is also a two time recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award and was awarded an Atlanta Journal Constitution Hometown Hero Award in 2018. 

Deonte Bolden

Deonte Bolden

Deonte Bolden


Show Air date: February 23, 2020

 Born in Washington DC , but moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a full time career in acting; Deonte' has appeared in numerous independent films and staged plays. Some of his credits includes the lead roles in "A Raisin In The Sun", "Holidaze", and "Dylan Douglas Does A Do Over" He recently hit the stage in Atlanta playing three roles in “ A Christmas Carol” alongside of  Palmer Williams of Tyler Perry Productions and recently performed in  God’s Anointed Daughter Productions stage play “Transparent,” written and directed by Shirlicia Mason, as he played the role of David.   He is also a member of Towne Street Theatre Company (LA). As he continues to work, he is perfecting his craft while taking several acting classes such as Tasha Smith Workshop (TSAW) and many others. Deonte' is also the CEO Founder, writer, director, and producer of Deonte' Bolden Productions. He has written and directed many productions such as the online award nominated Web Series “ The Price Of Fame" which was the official selection at The Miami Web Fest in 2016. He recently relocated to Georgia and is looking forward to doing more acting and releasing his upcoming productions titled " When Pride Comes Before The Fall", "Wicked", "Soul Ties", "Jezebel", "The Road To Forgiveness", "Bruised But Not Broken", and the recent  HIT STAGE production titled "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places."He always knew that he wanted to write a book to inspire others, but never knew where to start. After praying and completing his recent production “ Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places,” he was able to sit down and write a book that will inspire many generations titled “ Purpose Pains.”