Ronald Green joins us on 6/24 to discuss his nonprofit Operation Snatchback!

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The Leadership Blend is also a television show! Airing every Monday on the Now Network, it's all about leadership! On the show, I look at leadership principles for the nonprofit sector.

The Leadership Blend Television Show

Episode 15: In this episode, I discussed the organizational buy in. The notion that your members have brought into your mission / vision. It is how organizations grow and evolve. It is also the point where your team is "sold out" to the organization. They are vested into seeing it be successful and are willing to give their all. 

Season 5 Ep. 37 Preserving cursive writing & Name changes

Me, Kyle and Simone get into current events! We explain the roster for the first presidential debate in Miami. It's an in-depth look at each of the 20 candidates that will grace the stage first to get closer to the Democratic nomination. We also take a look at the return of cursive writing in Texas schools. Lastly, the concept of changing your name after childhood.