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New Season, new station for the television show!

On September 10th, the Leadership Blend television show signed on with BlackGDPTV! Located on all Roku & Amazon Fire TV devices, the channel is an educational channel. Season two will debut on October 7th! Season one is now available to watch!


The Rice Awards coverage by Ricardo

On September 28th, Ricardo will be covering the annual Rice Awards! The awards show, honors nonprofit and community leaders. Taking place at City Hall, it will be a great event!

The Leadership Blend TV Show

This episode takes a look at the six different types of power. How do you utilize them, what are they, and how do you discover yours.

Season 6 Ep. 3 Presidential debates & suing ER patients

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If your trying to start a business, reorganize your organization, create a nonprofit, write a grant or just need someone to help you with the governmental process look now further! Ricardo is now doing consulting work in all the areas. He can either help with those areas or complete the work for you. Book a consultation today! Prices will vary depending on the service / project.

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Whose Blending: On-Air Business Spotlight


The Leadership Blend is proud to be introducing  our "whose blending" Business & Entrepreneur spotlight! For the first time, business owners and entrepreneurs can purchase a spot on the show! To learn more click the link!

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